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The Projects in Just Keep Knitting

Curious about the knitting projects designed to go with Just Keep Knitting? Here are some previews as well as links to the patterns that are available independently of the book.

Chapter 1: Chinook Scarf

This is the one pattern that's not mine: the designer generously gave me permission to include it, though, and I highly recommend it! It's an awesome, easy to knit, extremely flexible patteren that combines just the right amount of challenge and simplicity. You can download a free copy from Ravelry, here.

Chapter 2: Hearts Ease

A Danish tie shawl, called a bindesjal, which wraps across the front of your body, warming your heart. You can buy this pattern from Ravelry: click here to buy now.

Chapter 3: Comfort Shawl

A great big wrap with deep pockets that you can keep your tissues in, perfect for those days when you have a few tears (or a bad cold!). Simple to knit (all garter stitch on big needles), lovely to wear. A great project for your bits and bobs of handspun, too: hold multiple strands together to get a bulkier yarn, or take one strand of commercial yarn in a plain colour and use up your short bits of leftover singles or project leftovers to create a variegated effect.

Chapter 4: Home Safe Home

A pillow with a message: the front is smooth linen stitch, showing your strong side to the world ... but reach around back and the soft angora says 'you are home now, you are safe'.

Chapter 5: Memory Shawl

A remarkably easy to knit shawl that looks far more complicated than it is! With only one row where you need to do any counting, a few well placed stitch markers and the ability to read your knitting will keep you on track even when you aren't really up to doing anything much. Sombre and elegant in black laceweight alpaca, the same design would show off variegated yarn or your own handspun. You can buy this pattern from Ravelry: click here to buy now.

Chapter 6: Strong as Diamonds

Diamonds are the strongest natural material, and this scarf with a diamond motif along the centre will help you remember your own inner strength. Knit from a blend of silk (the strongest natural fibre) and merino (one of the softest wools), you'll also be reminded that just because you aren't hard-edged doesn't mean you aren't strong.

Chapter 7: The Lighthouse Shawl

Let your light shine: be your true self, and let the world see the beauty of your soul. This shawl has a white centre that represents the ridged glass of a Fresnel lens, then chevrons reaching out through a sky spangled with stars to an ocean of gentle waves. You can buy this pattern from Ravelry: click here to buy now.
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Other Patterns

Other patterns designed apart from Just Keep Knitting are available too, as well as an online course that guides you through the basics of lace knitting. Click here for more information on the course!

Mathanas Scarf

Mathanas is the Gaelic word for forgiveness. This scarf starts with a cabled knot at the centre which loosens into a leafy vine that travels the length of the scarf, surrounded by a border of seed stitch. In the language of knitters, it is the story of a journey towards forgiveness: as we untwist our anger and nurture the seeds of peace, we grow. You can buy this pattern from Ravelry: here.

Dash of Colour Shawl

A one skein shawlette perfect for Noro, colourful sock yarn, or your hand spun, this design incorporates some careful shaping at the top so that it will sit nicely on your shoulders, then moves into graceful curves that show off the colours in your yarn. It is very modular – make it larger by simply working some or all of the sections longer than the pattern suggests. If you think you might be short on yarn, skip the second section entirely and go directly to the third after the stockinette shaping triangles are complete. Change the size of the picots in the bind off for even more variety. Instructions are included for these variations. You can buy this pattern from Ravelry: here.