Grass Fed Beef ** Now Available!**

There is nothing quite like grass fed meat: lower in fat and cholesterol and with more healthy Omega-3 fatty acids than feedlot meat, you will be surprised at the difference. In addition, grass fed meats are good for you and good for our world!.
Learn more about grass fed meat at Eat Wild!

Sample Pack 2 packages ground beef (~2 lb total)
1 roast (2-3 lb)
2 packages steak (~1 lb)
Family Pack 4 packages ground beef (~4 lb total)
2 roasts (2-3 lb each)
4 packages steak (~2 lb)
Freezer Pack 8 packages ground beef (~8 lb total)
3 roasts (2-3 lbs each)
4 packages steak (~2 lb total)
$125, no delivery fee
Add more to your order: ground beef (~1 lb per package) +$7
roasts (2-3 lbs each) +$15
steak (~1/2 lb each) +$5
Delivery charge of $10 on all orders (waived for orders over $100).
To order, contact us by email: we will reply as soon as possible and arrange for delivery.
We accept payment by cash, cheque, or PayPal.

Grass Fed Lamb - now taking orders!

If you think you don't like the taste of lamb ... maybe it's time to give it another try! Our lamb is extremely mild. You can prepare lamb much the same way you'd prepare beef (or you can use recipes specifically for lamb): you may be pleasantly surprised at how easy and delicious it is!
Mixed packages of lamb (some roasts, some steak, some stew meat, some ground) will be ready by late November: price is $7/lb, email us for details!

Please realize that we are a *very* small farm, and our meat quantities are limited. There's only so much you can do on six acres!
If you are not local to the Edmonton area, or you are looking for something we haven't got, please take a moment to find a farm near you that offers what you need.
Your support of local farmers really does make a big difference!

Find a Farmer's Market near you, or check out the Alberta Farm Fresh Producers page for information on u-pick farms and other great local farm adventures. You can also check out the Alberta Regional Cuisine Sourcing Directory to find links to a variety of providers of 'regional cuisine'.
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