Apple Jack Creek
Apple Jack Creek is a small family farm.

First and foremost, Apple Jack Creek is just over six acres of former cattle pasture that is slowly becoming a small family farm, complete with a garden, a flock of sheep and their guardian dogs, a lot of chickens, several cats, a Dexter milk cow and her calf.

We sell grass-fed lamb and occasionally beef to customers in the Edmonton/Stony Plain/Spruce Grove/Drayton Valley area.

Apple Jack Creek is also an independent publisher.

Just Keep Knitting: a journey of healing through forgiveness, faith, and fibre is Lonna's story, recounting her journey of healing from grief, trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - as well as six brand new knitting patterns.

There's also The Rookie's Field Guide to Supported Spinning, for anyone interested in learning to make pretty string with nothing more than a weighted stick and some fluff.

Lonna's third book, More Beautiful Than Before is almost ready for release! Check out the Kickstarter project for all the details.

Apple Jack Creek has knitting ... and weaving!

As the home of Frazzlehead and all her fibery pursuits, Apple Jack Creek also has links to Lonna's knitting pattern designs and her Etsy shop, where you can find hand knitted items, hand spun yarn, and woven articles.

Apple Jack Creek is home to The Blog.

Last but not least, Apple Jack Creek is the home of
Lonna’s blog, where she posts about life on the farm, life as a writer, and her thoughts in general. There’s a significant chance of finding cute lamb photos there, too!

Feel free to comment on her posts … she loves to know that someone’s reading!
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